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April 16, 2013

You know its funny to me how many people in California came here, or live here because they want to be “big”. It’s funny because those same people are the ones not actively doing anything to make that happen. They just sit around and hope that eventually somebody will discover them, or show them the light, or give them the break they I need. So they go out at night and get drunk, and party, and live the so-called LA lifestyle all the while planning how they will spend their eventual millions. They constantly say phrases like “when I blow up” or “I’m going to own this town”. Then The frustration starts to creep in they start blaming the people or the town or the industry for their lack of success. They blame the fact they don’t have a car, or the fact that they’re just too honest of a person or their misunderstood or a hundred other excuses. They see their lives as a continuous string of bad brakes. They see the people who are getting success in Hollywood as lucky or merely being in the right place at the right time completely ignoring the fact  that the people who often succeed in this city put 150 percent of their effort towards that goal every single day. These few successful and motivated people do not complain about lack of breaks or opportunities they make their own and make themselves better every single day. They Do not dwell on the negative but see every negative as an opportunity to create something positive. They surround themselves with people who are like-minded and just as motivated as they are . I am not saying this to make it seem as if I am better than the people that lack motivation. I am sure I have said these phrases more than once in my time in California. In fact I am saying this to thank those who do not try to make themselves better every single day. Your cynicism and lack of resolve makes my path to achieving my goals that much easier.


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